Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time Capsule CJ5 Jeep Universal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

   Near the Shenandoah National Forest of Virginia, George Baxter of Army Jeep Parts Inc. was lucky to make a once in a lifetime find. This almost entirely original Jeep Universal CJ5 was covered over in an old building which once housed a collection of 20 Jeeps. Rare factory and aftermarket accessories are paramount on this classic Jeep.

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The Jeep Universal features a factory Willys hardtop as well as an aftermarket front brush bar with winch and a hole for the power take-off. Baxter theorizes this was used to control a snow blower.

Like the rest of the Jeep the F-Head "Hurricane" engine features original paint.

The interior of the CJ5 with owner's manual. Note the added heater set-up.

Not only does the Jeep brandish all five original tires, but the spare even has the nubs still poking up.

The front bumper allowed a PTO shaft to be run.

The factory rubber on the CJ5 had no cracks or scratches.

Original canvas straps on the Willys hardtop doors.

The passenger seatbelt is stock and, although the driver's side belt was missing, Baxter found a matching herringbone patterned belt to outfit the Jeep.

Baxter holds his phone up to the gas tank, also practically wear-free.

Factory undercoat.

Original stickers marking engine components.

Baxter replaced the AC fuel pump with one he found new old stock.

The factory undercoat was also applied under the hood.

Baxter said that these "Power Lock Hub's" were offered as a step above the usual Warn option.

Rear PTO shaft.

Even the wooden stopper to hold the spare was factory original.

Baxter thinks this 'Willys' logo and 'Jeep' on the side was sprayed over with a stencil in the factory.

The classic '4 Wheel Drive' decal.

With the Jeep, Baxter purchased the factory tire jack and original literature. Below is the owner's manual, registration receipts, Jeep Universal CJ5 brochure and authentic Willys certificate.


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